These large format softcover books make great gifts for people who are always looking for something out of the ordinary, and the history of cult and underground film couldn't be better represented than it is in Pandemonium!

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Price: US$35.00

Pandemonium 2

Starring John Waters (the world's greatest director) and some of his frequently chosen actors: Divine, Cookie Mueller, and Mink Stole, Mary Woronov (great actress from the Warhol daze who continues to act today (remember the principal in "Rock 'n' Roll High School"?), Rosa von Praunheim (German avant-garde underground/overground rebel filmmaker and activist). Also contains articles on criminals Squeaky Fromme (see Charles Manson's string art and poetry), John Wayne Gacy and John Hinckley. Crammed with photos, Pandemonium 2 contains 136 pages of outrageous, awful enjoyment!

The book measures 8-1/2 x 11 inches.
All text written in English.
Condition of the book is like new -- never read, only leafed through.


Price: US$25.00

Pandemonium 3

Featuring Johnny Eck (star of Todd Browning's 1932 movie "Freaks," Kenneth Anger (author of Hollywood Babylon and film director), Hubert Selby Jr. (author of "Last Exit to Brooklyn"), Frederick Wiseman (well-respected documentary film director), John Waters (long and friendly interview between Pandemonium editor Jack Stevenson and the King of Trash), George and Mike Kuchar (experimental exploitation underground filmmakers from the USA), and Ondine (one of Andy Warhol's cohorts). Pandemonium 3 is brimming with photographs and gives you 193 pages of wild cult hero fun!

The book measures 8-1/2 x 11 inches.
All text written in English.
Condition of the book is like new -- never read, only leafed through.

John Waters, World's Greatest Director -- Well, have you seen Cecil B. Demented?!
- interview
- loads of great pictures
- many of his stars are featured in this issue of Pandemonium

Divine, may he rest in peace, the great and fully developed actor who starred in a number of John Waters' movies
- interview and pictures

Cookie Mueller, story reprinted from High Times Magazine -- Cookie remembers 1967 in Haight-Ashbury

Mink Stole, interview with the super star of many of John Waters' films

Mary Woronov, great actress from Warhol days who continues to do fine work today
- interviewed by Kris Gilpin
- lots of pictures

Rosa von Praunheim, experimental / underground / overground / rebel filmmaker from Germany
- interview
- photos

Squeaky Fromme (featuring Charles Manson and Susan Atkins), SCARY:
- letters
- clippings
- photos
- Manson's string art and poetry (!)

John Hinckley, BAD:
- letters
- clippings
- photos

John Wayne Gacy, INCORRIGIBLE:
- letters
- clippings
- photos

Johnny Eck, (born without legs) star actor in the 1932 movie Freaks
- book extract: Johnny talks about himself
- loads of candid photos
- excerpts from phone conversation between Johnny and one of his biographers

Kenneth Anger, acclaimed author of the books Hollywood Babylon and Hollywood Babylon II and director of such films as Scorpio Rising and Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome
- unedited interview, full of startling revelations
- plenty of photos
- filmography

Hubert Selby Jr., author of Last Exit to Brooklyn (made into a movie in 1988, directed by Uli Edel, starring Jennifer Jason Leigh)
- interview with Selby
- poem by Selby
- book cover reproductions and photos

Frederick Wiseman, U.S. documentary filmmaker (Titicut Follies (banned), Meat, Missile, and Blind and many others)
- interview
- photos
- filmography (up to 1987)

John Waters, wacky irreverent director of such movies as Polyester, Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble, Desperate Living, and Hairspray, Cry Baby, Serial Mom, Pecker, among others
- open and friendly interview between John and Pandemonium editor Jack Stevenson, includes photos
- PLUS interviews with and photos of two of the stars of John's movies: Mary Vivian Pearce and Jean Hill

George and Mike Kuchar, experimental exploitation underground filmmakers from the US
- interviews with both brothers
- lots of photos
- filmographies

Ondine, one of Andy Warhol's cohorts
- interview and photos

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